Image showing an Autumn poem display
Image showing an Autumn poem display
Fynamore Primary School
Fynamore Primary School

Our Governors - 2017-2018

'Governors know the school well.  They play an active and effective role within the school and keep themselves well informed about the school's many strengths and the areas that require further improvements'

Ofsted, June 2014

School Governors are drawn from various sources including parents, staff and local government. They perform three key roles towards raising school standards:

  • set strategic direction 
  • ensure accountability 
  • monitor and evaluate the school's performance. 

All Governors, including the Headteacher, have declared that they have no business or pecuniary interests and no material interests arising from relationships between Governors, or relationships between Governors and school staff (except where stated otherwise under each Governor entry below). Attendance figures at meetings are given below.


Fynamore's Full Governing Body (FGB) consists of:


Stella Fowler - Chair & Co-opted Governor

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 15.11.13. Current term ends: 14.11.17 

Delegated Lead for Data

I am responsible for making the most out of the time invested by an amazing group of dedicated volunteers and for ensuring we discharge our collective responsibilities fully and to the best of our abilities. I help guide the strategic direction of the school and am committed to the school's future and the children's education and life chances. I have been a school Governor for 8 years and have completed the coveted NCTL Chairs of Governors Leadership Development Programme. 

I am a data expert with over 20 years' experience in Higher Education data and planning – most recently in a senior management Finance and Planning role – and like nothing more than analysing, challenging and supporting the school's assessment and progress data. 

Please speak to me about any aspect of the Governing Body or becoming a Governor.


James Meek - Vice Chair and Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by Parental Ballot: 17.11.15. Current term ends: 16.11.19

Delegated Lead for Information Technology

My role as a Parent Governor and Lead for IT is to ensure that IT facilities are in place, utilised and maintained effectively within the school.  As the Managing Director of a local IT company I bring with me leadership, finance and technological skills. Please contact me if you have any concerns about the school, your child or any school related issue.  

Mr Meek has declared that he owns an IT company.


Tom Brewer - Headteacher

Appointed: 01.19.13. Current term continues while in post as Headteacher

As a school Governor, I care passionately about children’s education and making our school better in every way, whilst recognising the great things happening here at Fynamore. 

I believe in offering the best education possible. I believe in preparing pupils for our ever changing world.  Our Governors challenge and support the school professionally.


Hayley Hardie - Authority Governor

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 13.01.16. Current term ends: 12.01.20

Link Governor for Curriculum

I particularly work with the Early Years Foundation Stage, and I know the teachers pride themselves in the achievements of all the pupils they teach. We all work together to give the pupils a great start in their first years, so if you have any comments, please let us hear them. 

As a Parent Governor, please contact me if you have any concerns about the school, your child or any school related issue. As part of the Governing Body, I want Fynamore School to be the best for all its pupils.


Jacqui Radford - Co-opted Governor, Committee Chair

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 01.09.14. Current term ends: 31.08.18

Delegated Lead for Safeguarding and Link Governor for Assessment and for SMSC

I have been involved in the school since it opened and know that a good school really can make a difference in children's lives. I work with other Governors to ensure that our Leadership and Management responsibilities are met and that we set a strategic direction for the school that meets the needs of our pupils and provides them with an inspiring school experience. I have delegated responsibility for safeguarding in school and have experience of multi-agency working, parent support and community partnerships. I am also Link Governor for Assessment and for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Development.

Mrs Radford has declared that she is a Governor of Springfields Academy in Calne.


Jo Ballinger - Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 25.11.13. Current term ends: 24.11.17

Delegated Lead for Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) 

My specific role on the Governing Body is to ensure that pupils at Fynamore with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) are being provided for and are involved in all aspects of school life. I meet with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) on a regular basis to review overall provision and progress of our pupils with SEND.


Imogen Sharpe - Co-Opted Governor, Committee Chair

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 22.04.15. Current term ends: 21.04.19

Delegated Lead for Staffing and for Whistleblowing and Link Governor for Equality

I have particular responsibility for staffing and work with other Governors to ensure that our Leadership and Management responsibilities are met. In addition on behalf of the Governors I have the delegated legal responsibility for whistleblowing.


Nicki Carnochan - Parent Governor

Appointed by Parental Ballot: 01.07.15. Current term ends: 30.06.19

Link Governor for Disadvantaged Learners (Pupil Premium) and for British Values

My role is to ensure that pupils from all year groups who are eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) Funding are supported, through the use of whole school strategies (eg. Building Learning Power) and targeted programmes (eg. 1:1 reading), to overcome any barriers to learning and achieve their full potential in school. I link with the school PP Learning Lead, and the Pupil Premium Mentors (PPMs) to review progress for this group of pupils and report back to the Governing Body. I am also interested in supporting the school in its development of the new curriculum topic “British Values”. Please contact me if you have any concerns relating to these areas.


Glenn Hook - Parent Governor

Appointed by Parental Ballot: 15.03.16. Current term ends: 14.03.20

Parent Governor with responsibilities for Financial Assurance and Change

My role is to be the critical friend to the school in relation to all financial and change matters. I have nearly 20 years’ experience of working within the Financial Services sector, with responsibility for over 300 people, with financial performance and people responsibilities. I feel I am well placed to offer support and challenge to the school in relation to all aspects of school budget, to ensure we obtain get the best value from our spend and keep our costs under control. In addition, working in a transformation/project environment, I can offer professional guidance and structure to any change agenda the school may decide to embark on.

As a parent of a child at the school, I am committed to ensure that the experience received by all children is the very best it can be and being a Parent Governor I feel I can play a part in achieving that. Please contact me if you have any concerns about the school, your child or any school related issue. 


Lisa Straker - Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff Ballot: 15.11.13. Current term ends: 14.11.17

Link Governor for Able Pupils 

I am the non-teaching staff representative on the Governing Body. I work as a general Teaching Assistant in Year 5. 


Emily Lee - Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff Ballot: 15.11.13. Current term ends: 14.11.17

Link Governor for Training and Development

I am a staff Governor and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at the school. I liaise closely with the SEND Governor, Jo Ballinger, and act as a link between the school staff and the Board of Governors. Talk to me about any SEND issues you may have.


Associate Members (with full voting rights)


David Cook - Deputy Headteacher

Appointed: 15.09.15. Current term ends: 14.09.19

Monitoring and Evaluation Committee attendance 2015/16: 100%


Kate Hurst - Teacher

Appointed: 01.09.14. Current term ends: 31.08.18

Monitoring and Evaluation Committee attendance 2015/16: 83%


Vacancies - 2 Parent Governors


Clerk to the Governors


Cathy Moger 

Appointed: 01.09.03 

I provide the administration support to the Governing Body, ensuring that all documents are in place before meetings, attending the meetings and providing minutes after each meeting. I also organise the parent ballot, when a vacancy arises, and I liaise with Governor Support at the Local Authority.


As Clerk to the Governors, I am the first point of contact for anyone wanting to communicate with the Governors, or anyone interested in becoming a Governor. Please get in touch via the Contact Us form, or telephone me at school on 01249 810090.



Should you wish to contact any of the Governors, please do so by using the Contact Us form.


Please click on the following links for more Governor information:


Governor Attendance data for 2016-17:

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Governor Attendance: Leadership and Management Committee

Governor Attendance: Monitoring and Evaluation Committee


Governing Body Committees


Become a Governor


Governor's Annual Statement


FORMER GOVERNORS - Serving in the last 12 months


Tim Buckeridge - Authority Governor

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 01.09.13. Term ended: 23.07.17


Lisa Rumming - Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by Full Governing Body: 15.09.15. Term ended: 23.07.17



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