Image showing Reception children in their playground
Image showing Reception children in their playground
Fynamore Primary School
Fynamore Primary School

Literacy Curriculum

‘You make sure pupils read every day and their fluency has improved as a result.... Pupils are able to articulate and respond well when looking at a variety of texts’.

Ofsted, February 2018


At Fynamore we strive to engage and inspire children from the very beginning of school to develop a love of books and reading. This is done in a wide variety of ways including author visits, story nights, peer readers, shared class books, regular story time, book fairs and celebrating World Book Day. We also have a well-stocked and ever developing School Library which has a broad range of reading material at a wide variety of reading levels. We teach reading in a variety of ways including one to one reading, group, guided and shared reading.


Our structured reading scheme is made up of a combination of published programmes in order to provide a wide range of books and reading formats for our children. The books have been colour-coded based on level of difficulty and include a variety of fiction and information texts in a variety of lay-outs and formats. The system we have developed ensures that children can feel that they are a successful reader right from the start as book levels are only introduced when the children are beginning to be equipped with the skills to tackle them and they feel they are able to take on the new challenge.


The Beige level books are wordless to encourage children to develop early reading skills such as holding books carefully and turning pages one at a time. These books are very powerful tools in supporting language development and verbal story telling skills such as talking about the beginning, middle and end of a story, discussing characters and main events.


The Pink level books begin to introduce sounds and words, with all the words being decodable using only single alphabet sounds, for example ‘h-a-t’ can be sounded out and blended to make the word ‘hat’. Therefore these books are aimed at developing both children’s letter recognition skills and verbal blending skills, where sounds are put back together to create the whole word.


The Red level books begin to introduce the first digraphs (sounds made by two letters which make one sound together, e.g. ‘th’, ‘sh’ and ‘ch’) and continue to develop children’s phonic recognition and blending skills.


As the colour bands progress the number and complexity of phonic sounds increases, moving into alternate spellings for the same sound and including an increasing number of tricky words (words which cannot be sounded out and must be recognised as a whole e.g. the, you, because, etc.) The complexity of the stories and information in the higher level reading books also increases to encourage and develop higher level reading skills such as inference and deduction.


After completion of the structured reading scheme children move onto free-reading and choose their reading material from the library. The full colour-coded ladder of reading can be found on the library page.


At Fynanore we have compiled a recommended reading list for pupils at each stage of the school. You can access the list by clicking here.


Please click below to access our useful guides on helping your child to read.



Phonics and Handwriting

In the Reception classes at Fynamore we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching scheme in combination with Jolly Phonics actions to support a multi-sensory learning experience. We have also developed a Phonics and Spelling scheme for Years 1, 2 and beyond, in line with the new National Curriculum which continues to be supported by Letters and Sounds and interactive actions for each sound.


High-quality phonics sessions take place every day in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. These are fun sessions where the emphasis is on children’s active participation and direct application of the phonic skills being taught that day through reading and/or writing. Children are consistently encouraged to apply their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities in their independent learning time and in teacher directed sessions. These high quality teaching sessions continue on a regular basis into KS2, where the learning becomes more focused on spelling and grammar.


Handwriting is specifically taught on a regular weekly basis, supported by ‘Penpals’, an interactive system which teaches children correct letter formation and introduces joining, during Year 1.


The current English topics that the children are studying in school this term can be found within the topics webs. 


Please click here for the current year group expectations within the new National Curriculum for English.


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Please start the message with FYN and include your child’s name and reason for absence.


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