Image showing an Autumn poem display
Image showing an Autumn poem display
Fynamore Primary School
Fynamore Primary School

School Ethos and Values

'Pupils have positive attitudes to their learning and are keen to do well.  There is a strong respectful relationship between pupils and adults'.          

Ofsted, June 2014

Fynamore is a secure, caring and happy school, providing a warm welcome for children, parents and visitors. We believe every person matters and we aim to:                


Help our children to be healthy, independent and happy by:

  • creating a vibrant school                    

  • encouraging responsibility                    

  • listening to our children and encouraging all children to contribute                    

  • encouraging experimentation and risk taking                    

  • promoting health awareness through walking to school, encouraging physical exercise and providing healthy meals                    


Help every child to stay safe by:

  • providing a stimulating and secure environment                    

  • developing self esteem                     

  • encouraging good behaviour and not tolerating bad behaviour                    

  • providing buddy support and addressing bullying issues immediately                    

  • providing staff who children trust and can talk to                    

  • adhering to child protection procedures and making prompt referrals to support agencies                    

  • promoting road safety                    


Help every child to enjoy school and achieve their best by:

  • using best teaching practice                    

  • discovering the potential of each child and exploring his or her particular talents                    

  • teaching them how to learn                    

  • involving parents in their children's education                    

  • including children with special needs in classes wherever possible                    

  • providing challenge for able pupils                    


Encourage our children to make a positive contribution by:

  • being fair and consistent and setting a good example                    

  • teaching about racial equality                    

  • holding a daily act of collective worship                    

  • teaching about Christianity and other world faiths in RE lessons                    

  • giving children a voice through school council                    


Encourage the children to become economically active by:

  • respecting our school, its property and each other                    

  • giving children opportunities for decision making                    

  • taking part in enterprising events and activities                    

  • developing speaking and listening skills                    

  • encouraging children's aspirations                    

  • working with the community                    


Introduce the children to the global community by:

  • inviting people into school                    

  • organising visits                    

  • participating in local and international events                    

  • teaching about local and world history                    

  • encourage an interest in the world around them including individual differences, appreciation of personal pleasure and beauty                    

  • encouraging respect for the environment                    


Support our staff by:

  • helping them to develop their professional ability                    

  • encouraging initiative                    

  • encouraging them to be creative when adapting to their pupils' needs                    

  • listening to their views and concerns                    

  • providing a happy and stimulating workplace                    

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Recent Events in School

Including Internet Safety Day and a visit from a PCSO.

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Upcoming Events 

Fri 24 Mar: Red Nose Day -   non-uniform

Fri 24 Mar: Y6 Star gazing  6.30pm

Tue 28 Mar: Meal order deadline

Fri 31 Mar: Year 1 Spring    Performance 2.40pm

Fri 31 Mar: Design an Easter Egg  Competition deadline

Fri 7 Apr: Break up for Easter

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School telephone number:

01249 810090

School address:

School Road, Calne,

Wiltshire, SN11 9UG

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