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Curriculum Newsletters

In this section, you will find details of each year group's topics.



In Reception we aim to offer inspiring and creative opportunities for learning that stem from the interests of our children. Our informal observations and assessment of individual children in play lead to many mini topics or exploratory activities that are enjoyed by everyone. Children are also encouraged to share their ideas for topics through discussion as the year progresses. Often we will have a topic that lasts several weeks, but sometimes the children's interests help take the learning in a new direction that leads us to several shorter topics in a term. Each week in Reception, homework sheets are sent home with a little summary of the weekly happenings and upcoming events specific to Reception children. More details of the Reception topics and teaching can be found on the Early Years page by clicking here.

Autumn Term- September - December 2023


   Year 1 Term 1  -  Toys from the Past                                                         

   Year 2 Term 1  -  Great Fire of London                                                   

   Year 3 Term 1  -  Meet the Flintstones

   Year 4 Term 1  -  It's All Greek To Me                                                    

   Year 5 Term 1 -  Goodbye Roman's, Hello The Saxon's  

   Year 6 Term 1 - Mayans & Who Do You Think You Are?     

   Year 1 Term 2 - Our Natural World

   Year 2 Term 2 - The Urban Jungle

   Year 3 Term 2 - Luminous Landscapes

   Year 4 Term 2 - Beautiful Bodies : Human Forms

   Year 5 Term 2 - Powerful Portraits

   Year 6 Term 2 - Who Do You Think You Are?


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