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Our School Day


8.30             Gates Open

8.40             Doors close and Registration 

10.15-10.45  Mid-Morning Break (15 minutes, staggered depending on year group)

12.00-13.15  Lunch Break (1 hour, staggered depending on year group)

3.05            Reception Finish

3.10             KS1 Finish

3.15             KS2 Finish

Any children arriving after 8.40am need to enter school via the school office and will be marked as late.

Consequently, if a pupil arrives after 9.10am they will be marked 'U' (late and arrived after the register closed) depending on the circumstances. 

Total Time spent in school in a typical week:

Reception  32 hours, 5 minutes

KS1             32 hours, 30 minutes

KS2            32 hours, 55 minutes


Bikes and scooters must not be ridden on the school grounds at the beginning or the end of the day. Children, pre-school children and adults should push bikes and scooters until they are completely off the school site. 


Children should not be using the Adventure Playground equipment or the school field at drop off and collection times.

Please ensure you supervise your children at all times.

The School has a strict 'No Dogs on Site' rule, this includes tying them to the school gates. 

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