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Knowledge Organisers

At Fynamore, each topic is accompanied by a Knowledge Organiser document for children to refer to in the classroom and at home. This document contains key facts that pupils need to learn for each topic. The pupils then complete a quiz at the end of each term based on the knowledge in these documents. 

Term 1

Year R - Me and My Bear

Year 1 - Toys from the past

Year 2 - Great Fire of London

Year 3 - Meet The Flintstones

Year 4 - It's All Greek To Me

Year 5 - Invaders and Settlers (Romans and Saxons)

Year 6 - Marvellous Mayans

Term 2

Year R - It's Getting Cold Outside

Year 1 - Our Natural World - Flowers

Year 2 - The Urban Jungle

Year 3 - Luminous Landscapes

Year 4 - Beautiful Bodies - Human Form

Year 5 - Powerful Portraits

Year 6 - Who Do You Think You Are?

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