Image showing an Autumn poem display
Image showing an Autumn poem display
Fynamore Primary School
Fynamore Primary School

General Information

'The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe, including internet safety'.

Ofsted, June 2014

Health, Safety & Security

We are proud to have achieved Healthy School Status.  We therfore endeavour at all times to maintain high standards expected of us.  We aim to work with you to ensure that all our children are healthy, safe and secure.  


Foundation Stage and KS1 children are provided with a free portion of fruit each day by the Government. KS2 children should bring their own healthy snacks to school. Water is freely available during the school day and children are able to bring their own water in a sports bottle. At playtimes and lunchtimes, the children play outside unless the weather is extreme. School toys are available for playtimes and the children enjoy using the Adventure Playground on a weekly rota basis during these times. A permission slip is required.


If your child requires medication during the school day, please report to the office, where you will be asked to fill in a Medication Consent Form.


Children should not bring in toys or valuables from home, without permission from the class teacher or Headteacher. Any personal belongings should be given to the class teacher or handed into the office. We regret that we cannot be held responsible for items which are lost or damaged on the school premises. All property is left at the owners risk. In the interests of Health and Safety we have regular fire practices to ensure our children know how to leave the building safely in the event of fire. Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the school building or in the grounds. This policy applies to all staff and visitors during the day and evening.

Discipline and Rewards

Through our home-school agreement we work in partnership with parents to encourage positive attitudes. We celebrate good behaviour and achievement through a series of class and school incentives such as house points, stickers, achievement certificates, Star Certificates and golden time.


The discipline and reward system is well known to the children and prominently displayed throughout the school. Where there is concern about a child's behaviour we work in partnership with parents to improve the situation. Older pupils act as playground buddies. Bullying is not tolerated. All incidents are investigated and parents informed. This is a brief summary of our behaviour policy, which can be seen in full on request.


Mobile Phones

We prefer children not to bring mobile phones into school. If your child needs to bring a mobile into school, for example, if they are walking home alone, please make sure that it is clearly named. All mobiles must be handed to the class teacher / office for safe keeping during the day, and should never be kept in the child’s bag. The school cannot take responsibility for any mobiles brought into school. 

Travel to School

Children and their parents/carers are encouraged to walk to school, as it is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option. It also helps to reduce the traffic problems that we have around the school, particularly in the morning and at school pick up time.


Parents who drive their children to school are requested not to park their cars in Isis Close, Carp Road and the surrounding residential streets.  It is dangerous for the children and inconvenient for those living in the local area.


Calne Town Football Club car park is located alongside School Road and has ample parking spaces. Parents are asked to park their cars here and walk the short distance to school.


Parents must not use the school staff car park, unless they or their child have a disability, and have prior permission form the school. Please contact us to make arrangements if you or your child has a disability and you need access to the car park.

Snacks and Drinks 

Pupils are allowed to bring a healthy snack to school, such as a piece of fruit, and water in a water bottle, which can be refilled from the school's water fountains throughout the day.


Children who bring packed lunches are encouraged to have a variety of healthy food and are not permitted to bring chocolate, sweets or fizzy/energy drinks.

School Meals and Milk

School meals are prepared on the premises by Claire's Kitchen, with an emphasis on healthy options. Further information and menus are available by clicking here.


Since September 2014, all  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children have been entitled to receive free school meals (known as universal free school meals for YR/KS1). 


All children are eligible to receive free school milk until the age of 5, via the Coolmilk scheme. Parents can order and pay for milk for older children through the same scheme. Please contact the office for further details and a registration form. All children on income-related Free School Meals (NOT universal free school meals for YR/KS1) are also entitled to free milk. Please contact us for further details.


Text Absence Line:

07537 438427

Please start the message with FYN and include your child’s name and reason for absence.


Latest Newsletter

For the latest Newsletter please click here.

Mon 13 June: Y3 Walk Safe


Mon 27 June: Y6 Bikeability starts


Tues 28 June: Y6 Treehouse Theatre


Wed 29 June: Y5 Kingsbury Green Academy taster day


Wed 29 June: YR Ash Class Warleigh Lodge Farm trip


Thurs 30 June: YR Oak Class Warleigh Lodge Farm trip


Mon 4 July: Y5 Abbeyfield taster day


Tues 5 July: Y6 Kingsbury Green Academy transition


Wed 6 July: Sports Day 


Fri 8 July: Y5 Bovington Tank Museum


Mon 11 July: Y6 Sheldon School transition week


Tues 12 July: Y1 Cotswold Wildlife Park trip


Wed 13 July: Y6 Abbeyfield School transition


Fri 15 July: Y6 Hardenhuish School transition


School telephone number:

01249 810090

School address:

School Road, Calne,

Wiltshire, SN11 9UG


If you would like a paper copy of anything on this website, please contact us using the above details or via the Contact Us page.

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